Play music the tangible way

MoodBlocks combine the tactile experience of vinyl records with state of the art technology. Scroll down to learn more.

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"MoodBlocks promise to elegantly marry physical product and streaming"

"MoodBlocks give you a physical way to play your digital music"

Digital Trends

"The modern Jukebox for Sonos Systems"

Cashys Blog

1. Choose your Blocks

Use our "Creative MoodBlocks" to add your favorite music from Spotify or Apple Music, or one of our specially curated blocks.

2. Tap with iPhone or MoodPlay

Simply tap a MoodBlocks with your phone or place on MoodPlay to start playing music on your sonos.

3. Enjoy your Music

That's it. Turn technology into a simple, tactile experience and put the focus back on the music and your daily routine.

Works with any Sonos speaker

MoodBlocks are officially 'Works with Sonos' certified and work with every Sonos speaker. Using the MoodBlocks App, you can choose and change which speakers your music should play on.


Choose from 20 beautiful MoodBlocks Designs. Simply tap a MoodBlock with your smartphone or place them on MoodPlay to start playing music on your Sonos.

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Don’t want to use a phone at all? With MoodPlay you can use MoodBlocks and tactile controls for a perfect listening experience.

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