MoodBlocks for Kids with Kiddinx

MoodBlocks for Kids with Kiddinx


A Symphony of Imagination: MoodBlocks and Kiddinx Unite for an Unforgettable Family Audio Experience



Dear MoodBlocks Enthusiasts,

Exciting news is on the horizon as we unveil a partnership that will redefine the way your family experiences storytelling. MoodBlocks has proudly teamed up with Kiddinx, the esteemed creator of timeless children's audio books featuring iconic characters like Benjamin Blümchen and Bibi Bloxberg. Prepare to witness the fusion of nostalgic charm and modern innovation, creating an unparalleled audio adventure for both parents and kids.

The Timeless Allure of Kiddinx

For decades, Kiddinx has been a beacon of enchantment, capturing the hearts of generations with iconic characters that stand the test of time. From the lovable elephant, Benjamin Blümchen, who has been a cherished companion since the 1950s, to the enchanting young witch, Bibi Bloxberg, Kiddinx has woven tales that transcend eras.

Harmony for the Whole Family

In our commitment to enhancing family moments, we are thrilled to introduce a special collection of MoodBlocks featuring these beloved Kiddinx characters. These unique blocks bring stories to life, allowing children to immerse themselves in the captivating tales of Benjamin Blümchen and Bibi Bloxberg. The best part? The enchanting music unfolds not on a separate kids' player but on your existing Sonos system.

The Distinct MoodBlocks Advantage

MoodBlocks stand out from the crowd by offering a unified audio experience for the entire family. No need for separate players for kids and adults. With MoodBlocks, parents and children alike can enjoy the magic of Kiddinx stories on the same Sonos system.

The Seamless Experience

Getting started is a breeze. Acquire your Kiddinx MoodBlocks, each featuring delightful characters and vibrant cover art. Then, simply tap the MoodBlock with your smartphone or place it on our sleek and futuristic MoodPlay device. Your Sonos system transforms into a haven of audio enchantment, filling your home with the delightful tales of Kiddinx.

Benefits for Parents

  1. Cost-Efficient Solution: Forget about the need for multiple players. MoodBlocks streamline the audio experience for the entire family, providing a cost-effective solution for parents.
  2. Shared Moments: Rediscover the joy of shared moments with your little ones. Whether it's a lazy Sunday afternoon or a lively playdate, MoodBlocks and Kiddinx create memories that resonate with the entire family.
  3. Versatility: MoodBlocks aren't limited to children's stories. Explore a world of musical melodies, audiobooks, and more with adult MoodBlocks, ensuring a versatile and tailored experience for every family member.

Benefits for Kids

  1. Ownership and Independence: Children get to choose their favorite characters and stories, fostering a sense of ownership and independence as they navigate their audio adventure.
  2. Limitless Imagination: Immerse young minds in the limitless realms of imagination with Kiddinx characters. From talking elephants to magical spells, each MoodBlock unlocks a new world waiting to be explored.
  3. Family Bonding: With MoodBlocks, the entire family shares in the joy of storytelling. Strengthen the bond between parents and kids as you collectively enjoy the magic of Kiddinx tales.

Elevate Your Family's Audio Experience Today!

MoodBlocks and Kiddinx invite you to experience the future of family storytelling. Dive into a world where every tap, every MoodBlock, and every shared moment becomes a treasured part of your family's narrative.

Don't miss out on this symphony of imagination.

Best regards,

Your MoodBlocks Team

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